Muundi Nefale

Muundi Nefale

Student Interior Designer

Muundi Nefale is a 4th year Interior Design Student Member of The African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (IID).

IID Membership:  Student Interior Designer
Membership No:  IID-600-1-MN-GAU valid till 31 December 2023

About Muundi Nefale

Muundi is a Smart Workspace interior designer who is passionate about creating innovative and cutting-edge work environments that inspire creativity and productivity.

Phumla Matabane

Phumla Matabane

Professional Interior Decorator

About Phumla Matabane

Phumla Matabane is a Professional Interior Decorator member of The African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (IID).

We provide a comprehensive client consultation that involves conducting thorough site inspections, taking accurate measurements, and understanding the specific requirements of our clients. Our team of experts will then utilise their creative and innovative skills to provide unique design solutions that go beyond conventional options. For our corporate/retail and hospitality clients, our design services also incorporate strategic business consulting to analyse the client’s organisation and
identify any potential problems or areas for improvement.

IID Membership:  Professional Interior Decorator
Membership No:  IID-500-3-PM-GAU valid till 30 June 2024

Lisa Bridgeford

Lisa Bridgeford

Professional Interior Designer

About Lisa Bridgeford


We devise an interior concept based on client’s brief, and developing it from mood and sample board stage to 3D modelling and renders.


We manage the full scope of projects from inception to final execution, encompassing all logistical, financial and creative deliverables.


We manage and implement all the construction and installation needed for our projects.


IID Membership:  Professional Interior Designer
Membership No:  IID-600-3-LB-WC valid till 30 June 2024


Nicolene Mausenbaum

Nicolene Mausenbaum

Professional Senior Interior Designer

About Nicolene Mausenbaum

Skilled with over 20 years experience from corporate and commercial spaces to residential interiors, I create bespoke design solutions locally and internationally, helping clients love the spaces they are in.

I also provide e-design services internationally as well as turnkey services locally, from concept to completion.

Membership: Professional Senior Interior Designer
Membership No: IID-600-4-NM-GAU valid till 30 June 2024
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Falconer Design

Falconer Design

Design Agency Member of the IID

About Falconer Design

Falconer Design is an Interior Design company with full design and procurement capacity for the turnkey rollout of high-level and top quality interiors, public and retail spaces, restaurants and bars whether new-build or refurbishment.

Specialising in commercial and hospitality projects such as hotels, resorts, conferencing and convention centres as well as commercial projects such as corporate offices, boardrooms & meeting spaces, reception areas, restaurants & public facilities.

Falconer Design has worked closely with clients, teams and contractors, locally and internationally, on top tier projects.


Masterworx Architectural Design

Masterworx Architectural Design

Design Agency Member of the IID

About Masterworx Architectural Design

Masterworx is on a mission to enhance the way people live through bespoke innovative architecture and interior design.

Design Philosophy
We are a small, dynamic and focussed team who aim to provide a professional design services through a holistic approach whilst at the same time providing you, the client, with bespoke luxury designs through our use of unique concepts and high end materials that will result in a design that caters to your unique tastes.

The objective in all the projects is to produce design solutions that have both aesthetic and functional relevance while displaying a
commitment to quality, high standards of design and the needs of the client. 

Masterworx offers an integrated approach for the built environment, by providing turn -key solutions through encompassing master planning, interior and architectural design.
By combining innovation and dedication in the execution of projects, Masterworx has become internationally sought-after and has received recognition and commendations from respected institutions both locally and internationally.
We have a unique skill set through the synergy in architecture, interior design, and property that provides the team with the opportunity to be involved in projects ranging from Architecture, Interior Design, Retail Design, Office Space Planning through to Interior Decorating.
The teams’ versatility grants them the ability to specialise in high end residential properties, a variety of hospitality projects, restaurants and retail, resulting in Masterworx being revered and a respected leader in design on the South African Built Environment landscape.


IID Membership:  Design Agency
IID Membership No:  IID-600-5-MAS-GAU valid till 30 June 2024

Geraldine Sew

Geraldine sew

Professional Senior Interior Designer

About Geraldine SEW

Geraldine Sew is a Professional Senior Interior Designer member of the The African Institute of Interior Design Professions

IID Membership:  Professional Senior Interior Designer
Membership No:  IID-600-4-GS-WC valid till 30 June 2024

Jodi Day

Jodi Day

Candidate Interior Designer

About Jodi Day

Jodi Day is a Candidate Interior Designer member of The African Institute of Interior Design Professions

Scope of works inlcude Design Development, Service Drawings and Shopfit Technical Drawings for furniture/storage items.

IID Membership:  Candidate Interior Designer
IID Membership No:  IID-600-2-JT-GAU valid till 30 June 2024

Craig K. Whitehead

Craig k. whitehead

Professional Interior Decorator

About Craig k. whitehead

At CKW Lifestyle we design residential, leisure and commercial spaces that are comfortable, personal and inspiring.

Our unique individual perspective, grounded in both design and architecture, reflects an acute designer’s eye toward colour and materials and a strong discipline of space and form. As a creative firm we also produce our own bespoke furniture and accessory lines -customised to suit each project.

Over and above this we are also creators and coordinators of extraordinary events and lifestyle celebrations.


IID Membership:  Professional Interior Decorator
Membership No:  IID-500-3-CW-GAU valid till 30 June 2024