Halina Olivier

Professional Interior Decorator

About Halina Olivier

Halina is a qualified Faux Paint Technique Specialist and Professional Interior Decorator, specialising in offering personal paint techniques in all areas of your business or residence. Kitchens, walls, and furniture being the speciality, yet also undertaking projects which are simply plainly painted, or with subtle techniques added in relevant areas. Layering, metallics and various techniques are given to attain the finished result. For those who are lovers of wood, specialist effects are given to colour the wood, with painting in specific areas given, yet if the combination of wood and painting are desired, these are also added.

Providence Interiors now also offer the following new services to our clients:-

  • Roofing, Ceilings, Decking, Skylights
  • Construction, Building,  Renovations
Work done by Halina Olivier