Ilsa van Niekerk

Professional Interior Designers

Mission. Passion makes perfect! We focus on detail and personalised service. We would like you to tell others about us, and therefore pay high priority to quality and service.
About Ilsa van Niekerk

Interior design combines science and art. It involves a spectrum of factors to bring about a pleasant and striking living or work environment. It addresses important aspects such as space planning, layout, lighting, colour schemes, acoustics, life-style accommodation and functionality. Interior design sets the background for appealing decoration.

Sourcing and specifying: You name it, and we’ll source and specify it. Weekly meetings with supplier representatives, and ongoing keen exploring, ensure up-to-date information on a wide variety of interior design and décor options. We often also buy unique and deserving items, and which we have available; to create something unique that you may want. We can specify and source it all. We make it our mission to find alternatives to suit every budget.

Project coordination: We have been in the business for some years now. This has allowed us to hand-pick craftsmen and skilled people who know how to operate, and who will deliver a honest service.

Work done by Ilsa van Niekerk