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Kim Williams Design is a Design Agency Member of the African Institute of Interior Design Professions (IID)

Kim Williams – Creative Interior Behaviour Strategist

Kim Williams is recognised as a top interior designer in Cape Town and has carved a niche for herself as a creative behaviour strategist focused on designing interior spaces. She is known for her unique approach to interiors which blends creative, behavioural and design strategies and is a well-respected entrepreneur having founded the full-service interior design studio – Kim Williams Design.

Kim’s deepest passion centres around designing to positively impact the physical and emotional health of her client’s so that they can live their best possible life – at home and work.

Her ability to understand and analyse interior design, décor and human behaviour trends, and to intelligently design spaces for the best outcome, sets her apart in the general design industry.

Kim had experience renovating her own properties during her early twenties, with the aim of increasing their resale value and making a healthy profit, so this passion and talent had always been burning within her.

Her personal journey and lessons learnt as an entrepreneur, interior designer, and behaviour specialist, shaped her perspective of the design process. This became the cornerstone of her own blueprint called the Pure Design Innovation ID, which is a process of extracting what people need emotionally and physically from their interior spaces.

After a successful career (21 years) as a change management consultant and behaviour specialist in the corporate world, Kim fell ill and relocated back to Cape Town. In her 40s then, she discovered her true purpose and combined decades of business experience with a passion for beautiful spaces.

Kim’s Blueprint – Design ID guarantees clarity of what each client needs and desires from their space and is where she applies her unique creative and behavioural strategic insights to making their dream space a reality.

Her love for smart, fresh and ahead of trend, yet classic designs and interior architecture, plus her easy and vibrant personality helps create dream spaces that exceeds even the best imagination of her clients.

Kim Williams’ portfolio adds up to millions of Rands in retail value. She has worked across building and construction projects, alongside developers and architects for over 164 new apartments, 21 residential homes, 12 renovations of which 8 are developments and 3 are medical practices, with many more in the pipeline.  These projects include a variation of interior architecture, design and finishing, as well as soft furnishing.

She is also the creator of My Yellow Room, a blog detailing her personal journey growing up with a physical disability where she spent many years indoors as a young child born with a club foot. It was this, and other life experiences, that showed Kim the importance of well-functioning, energising interiors in the healing process.

Through My Yellow Room, Kim became an inspiration to others, helping them to navigate the unknown of being in a confined space during Covid-19; to understand what they needed in order to function better and discover how to use this knowledge to improve their quality of life and manage their mindset during the pandemic.

Kim continues sharing her journey and has written a book to help homeowners, business owners, creatives and budding interior designers understand design principles to unleash the best in people. 

Membership No:  IID-600-5-KWD-WC valid till 30 June 2024
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