Kirsten Adams

Candidate Interior Decorators

Kirsten Adams is a Candidate Interior Decorator Member of The African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (IID).
About Kirsten Adams

We specialise in property staging and styling for those trying to sell their homes or estate agents showcasing a new property. We also offer shopping assist for our clients that aren’t sure how to match décor to their home and need professional help when choosing what to buy for that fresh design. Papillon Interior Designs can assist in new builds as well as renovations to residential properties where an initial consultation will take place at the client site to understand the scope of work.

For any desired look that you are trying to achieve Papillon Interior Designs can assist you with a mood board and conceptual design, we are happy to setup a consultation and evaluate your needs as well as budget. Our core focus is on the residential space but is not limited to this.

Membership: Candidate Interior Decorator
Membership No: IID-500-2-KA-GAU Expires: 30 June 2023

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