Paige Waplington
Professional Interior Designers | Professional Senior Interior Designers
Paige Waplington is a Professional Senior Interior Designer Member of the African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (IID).
About Paige Waplington
Redesign is an interior design firm directed by Interior Designer Paige Waplington. Paige has an undying passion for the benefits and impact interior design has on the built environment. “ I believe that every interior has a direct impact on the people that use it. The space could make a person feel joyful, relaxed, excited, or any range of emotions. And if used cleverly this is how we make an interior work to our benefit.” Paige Waplington. Based in Westville, Durban, Redesign has a fun outlook and enjoys dealing with projects that are unique and out of the box. With an experienced team of designers and managers we are able to handle your projects from design concept stage through to final completion. Our attention to detail and exploration of our clients stories leads to functionally designed, unique interiors that are set to wow even the most discerning character. We enjoy building relationships with our clients and keep them updated throughout the process with clear communication. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service and expect our clients to have a happy feeling when they work with us.

Membership: Professional Senior Interior Designer
Membership No: IID-600-4-PW-KZN Expires 30 June 2022

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