Philippa Roper-Woodruff

Professional Interior Designers

Philippa Roper-Woodruff is a Professional Interior Designer member of The African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (IID).

I have over 20 years’ experience of providing design and décor expertise to clients and have been involved in creating dynamic design solutions from project inception through conceptualisation, documentation, implementation & procurement.

Many of my clients return regularly for continued design and décor support as they upgrade their home, expand homes, move to new homes, or down-size later in life. I have an extensive network of suppliers in the industry who provide top quality services.

A crucial aspect of my approach is to engage with the client at the start of any project, to determine their needs and their lifestyle and to develop a concept that the client is not only happy with, but feels will add value to their surroundings and enhance their experience and the ambience of their house or business. I do not “cut and paste” designs from previous projects, nor am I slave to a particular style. I translate the outcomes of these initial discussions into a design brief that talks to these fundamentals.

Clients have included individual home owners, businesses run from homes, small businesses, offices, and property developers.

Membership: Professional Interior Designer
Membership No: IID-600-3-PR-GAU valid till 30 June 2024