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Interior Designers engage with a range of interior spaces to create innovative spatial solutions with a thorough knowledge of building technology, materials and human environment needs. At the University of Johannesburg, interior design students develop the ability to solve design-related problems in divergent and creative ways. The scope of training opens doors to many career opportunities in the world of interior design and architecture, where graduates will work with both the structural and aesthetic aspects of interiors. The Department of Interior Design offers an undergraduate Bachelor Degree, a fourth-year Bachelor Honours Degree, a Master of Design and a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Art and Design. The Department’s facilities include designated studio areas for first-year to Master’s students and a centrally-located specialist computer studio.

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Purpose of the BA in Interior Design  programme

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design is to develop and prepare students for entry into a career in interior design or into postgraduate studies, by enabling them to apply integrated knowledge and conceptual thinking skills to innovatively solve a range of interior design problems. This programme will equip students with a thorough foundation in the knowledge of design practice and theory, to conduct design criticism and research.


Purpose of the BA Hons (Interior Design) programme

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts Honours in Interior Design is to prepare students for further research-based postgraduate study and entry into an advanced interior design career level or associated built environment fields, by enabling students to conduct and report on research under supervision, produce creative solutions to complex design problems and develop and communicate the technical resolution according to industry requirements.


Purpose of the MA (Design) RD  programme

The purpose of the programme is to educate and train researchers who can contribute to the development of knowledge at an advanced level. The Master’s degree is earned by completing a single advanced research project, culminating in the production and acceptance of a dissertation.


Purpose of the PhD in Art and Design programme

The purpose of the programme is to enable candidates to undertake research at the most advanced academic level culminating in the submission, assessment and acceptance of a thesis. The candidate is required to demonstrate high-level research capability and make a significant and original academic contribution at the frontiers of art and/or design. In certain instances, creative work such as designed artefacts, public performances, public exhibitions or other practice-based outputs may constitute the partial fulfilment of the research requirements.