About the BID FORUM

A Diversity & Transformation initiative has been formed within the IID, led by existing senior black members, to form a Black Interior Designers Forum aka BID-Forum.
The BID Forum is a Diversity & Transformation initiative, aimed specifically at Black South African Designers, and Black Designers of African Origin in the rest of Africa. This includes Black individuals, Indian individuals, Coloured persons, and other previously disadvantaged groups (PDI’s) practicing as Interior Designers, Interior Decorator and Interior Architects.
The main purpose of the BID-Forum is to create a safe space for engagement with Interior Designers at all levels i.e. from senior professionals, up and coming, junior black interior designers, including students, and candidate interior designers.
The end goal for the BID-Forum is to help create a platform that allows for access to opportunities in the industry for all designers, and encourages wider representation in the numbers of Black Interior Designers within the IID.
The Ethos for the BID-Form is

  • Inclusivity
  • Transparency
  • Transformation
  • Equality • Access